DataCite Canada

DOI registration services

DataCite Canada's data registration service provides Canadian data centres and libraries with a mechanism for registering research data and assigning digital object identifiers (DOIs) to them. DOIs are persistent identifiers that allow research data to be accessible and citable. They provide long-term links to data and allow published articles to link to their underlying data.

Getting started

Our service requires organizations to first register for an account. To find out how, see our Information for Prospective Clients section.

Citable data is more valuable data!

Discover the benefits of registering your data sets!

Increased visibility:

Greater visibility and enhanced reputation for your organization via data citations

More efficient research:

  • Reduced time and effort to search and locate quality data
  • Reduced costs and time spent duplicating existing research
  • Enhanced data management planning: improved ability to track data usage and prove impact

Maximizes the value and impact of your data:

  • Making data accessible can increase the citation rates and impact of that research
  • More possibilities for cross-industry and multidisciplinary collaborations

Better science:

Allows researchers to access and reuse data from many diverse sources, thereby speeding up the innovation process

DataCite Canada's role

DataCite Canada is part of the broader international DataCite initiative, a consortium of national-scale libraries and research organizations committed to increasing access to research data on the Internet. DataCite Canada is DataCite's DOI allocation agent for Canada.

DataCite Canada's registration service makes it easy for Canadian research organizations to obtain and manage DOIs for their research data. As part of this role, DataCite Canada:

  • Provides local support for Canadian data centres and libraries
  • Contributes to ongoing development of DataCite's services and resources on behalf of Canadian clients
  • Promotes the value of data archiving, citation and discoverability within Canada
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