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The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes is responsible for the development of Codes Canada publications. NRC publishes the Codes and, through Codes Canada, ensures that these national models are responsive to new technologies, materials, construction practices, research, social policy, and the changing needs of Canadian society.

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2015 Photo of NBC, NFC and NPC book covers (2015 editions)
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2010 Photo of NBC, NFC and NPC book covers (2010 editions)
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Codes Canada publications are available in printed and electronic formats. Printing of electronic formats is limited or disabled depending on the Code edition and subscription type. See the Features page for details.

You can place your order on-line by selecting your products through the NRC Virtual Store or by sending a completed order form (PDF, 500 KB) by fax, e-mail or regular mail to Codes Canada Publication Sales.

Please note: Do not submit your order more than once. If you are unsure of your order’s status, please call Codes Canada Publication Sales to confirm it.

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New editions

To choose the right edition of the Code for your jurisdiction, check with the municipal, provincial or territorial official.

Order the NBC 2015, NFC 2015 and NPC 2015 on the NRC Virtual Store or contact NRC’s Client Services to place your order by email, fax or regular mail using the order form (PDF, 500 KB).

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For questions about Code content, licensing, sales, or technical support, please Contact Codes Canada.

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