Benchmarking tactics for SMEs


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It's critical. I think without the help of NRC and the IRAP groups, we would be looking at a much difference business outlook today then we would have been without them and it wouldn't have been as good. The NRC is helping everybody get in the right direction with a lot of the benchmarking data that we have been working on. The challenge is to make it better, more transparent so that we can really create an analysis and outcomes from the data, and I think that is what we are all striving to get to, not only as one off companies but working with the NRC and the industry to bring that to everybody.

We have data today from the CRA about the companies that are in our space. We need a lot more data. We need data that is a lot more temporarily relevant. We need to collect it from ourselves. We need to get together in groups of non-competitive companies and do a lot more sharing. We have to engage NRC IRAP, Wavefront, folks like that who are out there to help companies like us grow. I think that definitely that data needs to take a look at not only SMEs but bigger companies who are where we are headed and also companies that are south of the border who potentially represent our competition as we go global.

It is not only about the data, it is about the insights that we draw from the data. Business decision makers like myself will actually make changes in our business based on those insights. Those insights are not a set of numbers, it is a set of conversations within context with likeminded peers of ours in the industry. NRC has a critical role to play in helping facilitate other eco-system leaders like they did here today for us to discuss and collaborate on where our respective business is going in the future.

I certainly hope that we will get to work with both industry and NRC in making the data that exists today more relevant and more accessible to SMEs across Canada. It is great to see both the combination of government but also industry itself truly interested and in agreement that this is important and also recognizing the mobile and wireless industry specifically is deserving of attention and perhaps its own benchmarking metrics based on the size and growth.

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