Simulation and digital health


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The video demonstrates the research activities of the NRC Medical Devices Research Centre in the area of simulation and digital health. Our activities in medical task simulation focusses on multisensorial interactive simulation training, founded on physics-based models and running on portable and affordable platforms; our activities in xR cognitive care focuses on neuropsychology-based multisensorial interactive exercises targeting the suspension of disbelief, self-adaptable to the user skills and agnostic to the interactive device; and our activities in interactive remote care which consist of virtual assistants, driven by domain-specific intelligence and personalized with secured monitoring data, relying on efficient predictive algorithms.

On-screen: Medical Devices Research Centre
Simulation and Digital Health

On-screen: Medical task simulation

On-screen: High-resolution simulation

On-screen: Affordable physics-based simulation

On-screen: Idea to market: CAE Healthcare NeuroVR surgical simulator

On-screen: xR Cognitive Care

On-screen: Personalized exercises for assessment and remediation/management of cognitive functions

On-screen: Patient interacting with intelligent avatar

On-screen: Interactive remote care

On-screen: Software for medical task training management

On-screen: Software for remote healthcare delivery

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