Connect with Dr. Yves Durocher to discover our stable CHO pools for antibody production


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On screen: Want to produce antibodies rapidly?

On screen: NRC can generate stable CHO pools in less than 3 weeks post-transfection

On screen: Seventh annual The Bioprocessing summit. Practical solutions for today’s bioprocess challenges. August 3-7, 2015. Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA. Featured presentation by Dr. Yves Durocher, NRC-CNRC, Friday August 7, 8:30 AM.

On screen: Friday August 7, 8:30 am. FEATURED PRESENTATION : An Inducible System for the Rapid Generation of CHO Pools and Stable Clones. PRESENTED BY: Dr. Yves Durocher, NRC-CNRC.

On screen: Connect with Dr. Yves Durocher and find out how! 514-496-6192