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May 27, 2011— Edmonton, Alberta

Quantiam Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1998, Quantiam Technologies develops new products based on advanced materials, catalysts, surfaces and coatings for extreme operating environments and energy-related applications.

Quantiam operates in a variety of markets, and over the years, has worked on several projects linked by a deep understanding of materials science at the atomic level. Projects such as technical feasibility studies for Hot Erosion Resistant Materials Systems, as well as prototyping such systems, have given Quantiam a solid reputation. Additional development of techniques for micro-structural and performance characterization of advanced materials systems, as well as a feasibility study on a novel catalyst for methane conversion have further secured their spot in the market.

IRAP helps Quantiam overcome challenges

With the help of the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), Quantiam has successfully overcome some of their innovation challenges. Shortly after their formation in 1998, Quantiam came to IRAP requesting financial assistance for their technical feasibility study of Hot Erosion Resistant Materials Systems. Since then, IRAP and Quantiam have built a strong and lasting relationship, collaborating on six different projects.

Quantiam’s Scanning Auger Multiprobe (SAM) used for characterizing advanced materials at the atomic level of matter

Quantiam’s Scanning Auger Multiprobe (SAM) used for characterizing advanced materials at the atomic level of matter

“Our involvement with IRAP has provided important technical linkages and given us credibility with both customers and investors. And access to state of the art laboratories available at NRC has been very beneficial. It has helped point the way forward by helping us narrow the focus of our efforts, saving time and money,” says Dr. Steve Petrone, Quantiam’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. Without IRAP collaboration, especially in its early years, Quantiam would not be in the same position as they are today and would likely have relocated to the United States.

Quantiam believes it has gained significant technical and business experience while working with IRAP Industrial Technical Advisors (ITAs). Working with ITAs such as Robert Roy, gave the company the opportunity to define specific technologies to be developed and research methodologies that are not in the core expertise of the company. Also, the ITAs have continuously helped Quantiam attract important venture capital investment from BASF Venture Capital (VC) GmbH, the investment branch of one of the world’s largest chemical companies. An investment of $3 million from BASF VC, coupled with $3 million from Ursataur Capital Management, a private equity group in Ontario, plus additional internal funding from investors raised $8.3 million in 2009 for Quantiam to finance its major growth. These investments are clear evidence of world-class recognition and reinforce confidence in Quantiam.

Leading Quantiam to success

With IRAP’s assistance we have been able to move quickly to hire key people – professionals who would likely have been scooped up by other employers often outside Canada.

Dr. Steve Petrone
Quantiam’s founder and Chief Executive Officer

In 2010, Quantiam has grown from 12 employees to 22 and anticipates reaching 34 employees in 2011 for the launch of its new advanced manufacturing facility in Edmonton, representing one of Canada’s firsts in the nanotechnology field. IRAP collaborated with Quantiam on key technologies that are being commercialized with this new facility, including its high temperature wear coatings. In 2009, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) presented Quantiam with a Canadian Innovation Leader certificate for their innovative advances in research and development.

With IRAP assistance, Quantiam is building an extensive, world class facility for the development, characterization, and manufacturing of Advanced Materials and NanoMaterials with a focus on clean tech. This innovative facility will allow them to transition from mainly a research company to an advanced manufacturing enterprise. Valuing the collaboration and advice offered by the ITAs, Quantiam would definitely consider IRAP assistance in the future and would strongly recommend it to aspiring entrepreneurs as an effective, well-focused program.

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