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In-house modeling leads to new opportunities and revenues

July 13, 2011— Aurora, Ontario

Axiom Group Inc.

Remaining competitive is essential to survival in any industry, and many times the best way to remain competitive is to embrace innovation. Axiom Group offers design, development and production services for the plastics, electronics and consumer industries. Created in 1987, Axiom is a perfect example of an innovative firm, and has proven why staying on top of research and development is essential to remaining competitive in your industry.

Axiom works hard to stay competitive within their industries and in an effort to remain globally competitive and responsive to their market, created a less expensive and better quality product for the market, called the One-Piece Moulded Filter and Screen Technology as well as their Quiet One-Piece Plastic Exhauster which was developed for better functionality and a lower cost.

IRAP and Axiom’s competitive advantage

From left to right: Rocco Di Serio, Vice President, Axiom Group Inc. and Lois Brown, Member of Parliament for Newmarket-Aurora

From left to right: Rocco Di Serio, Vice President, Axiom Group Inc. and Lois Brown, Member of Parliament for Newmarket-Aurora

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) began working with Axiom Group in 2004 when three Industrial Technology Advisors (ITAs) helped develop the One-Piece Moulded Filter and Screen Technology. Since then, Axiom and IRAP have collaborated on four different projects, each related to manufacturing.

“IRAP is playing an important role in the success of this innovative company,” said Perry Rizzo, President of Axiom Group. “The financial support we receive from IRAP is helping Axiom Group develop a full complement of high-tech solutions for the automotive, plastics and electronics industries.”

Axiom grows in sales and revenue

IRAP provided a magnitude of advisory support to Axiom through Doug Reed, the firm’s Lead ITA. During the One-Piece Moulded Filter project, Doug offered technical advice to Axiom, suggesting that they look into bringing the process flow modeling in-house. As a task that was normally outsourced, Axiom was challenged in understanding how the process flow modeling worked and had been previously relying on their vendors, which cost extra time and money.

Doug advised the firm to adopt modeling capability in-house, and eventually, the One-Piece Moulding Filter project brought Axiom from a tier-two supplier (selling components to larger companies, and then the final clients) to a tier-one supplier (selling components directly to the final client). This initiative alone contributed to a $3 million increase in sales as Axiom is the only company to have developed a one-piece, one-step injection moulding process. Furthermore, Axiom gained new technical knowledge as a result of Doug’s advice. IRAP ITAs were with Axiom throughout the entire project, conducting monthly reviews of Axiom’s progress and providing other suggestions to ensure the success of the project.

Upon the completion of their project with IRAP, Axiom increased their revenues by $1 million. With IRAP ITAs assistance, the firm technical knowledge increased considerably. This is a direct result of bringing the process flow modeling in-house. “Additionally, working with IRAP’s ITAs and their expert advice led to new technological innovations, such as the modeling process, and informed decision making which led to improved best practices in manufacturing and in commercialization,” said Mr. Rizzo. These practices include the Moldflow software and the training of two employees in its use. Without IRAP this might not have been possible.

Axiom’s strong research and development has also earned them a Canadian Innovation Leader certificate from the National Research Council. This designation highlights its accomplishments as an innovative Canadian firm that has successfully linked scientific research to commercialization, jobs and economic growth.

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