Extending the life of concrete structures

November 22, 2010— Winnipeg, Manitoba

Vector Construction Group – Vector Corrosion Technologies

Steel corrosion in concrete

Many materials degrade over time through a process called corrosion, and although made of steel, most reinforced concrete structures we rely on today are susceptible.  An in-depth exploration of this phenomenon gave the Vector Construction Group (VCG) an idea.

Over a 20-year period, VCG has developed a series of processes in corrosion prevention, control and pasivation, intended to extend the life of concrete structures.  As corrosion is managed, the prolonged life of the structure reduces repair and replacement costs.

Point Abino Lighthouse, Fort Erie, Ontario

To concentrate on corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete, Vector Corrosion Technologies (VCT) was born in 1999.  Since then, VCT has become a leading full-service supplier of corrosion mitigation products and services for reinforced concrete and masonry structures.  These structures include bridges, parking garages and buildings.

In 1990, VCG reached out to the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).  For their first project, VCG gained NRC-IRAP support to investigate acid-resistant sulphur concrete.  The Industrial Technology Advisor working with VCG introduced the Vector Group to experts at the University of Manitoba, strengthening the company’s network.  VCG also received funding from the NRC-IRAP Youth Employment Program to hire engineering students. 

NRC-IRAP has assisted both VCG and VCT with several projects over the years.  “We have benefited tremendously from technologies we have investigated and developed with NRC-IRAP support,” explains David Whitmore, President of Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd. “It is important for technology companies like us to invest in research and development to sustain growth.  NRC-IRAP has helped us to establish our platform and our reputation as a leading-edge company in electro-chemical technology.”

Today, VCT has received several industry awards.  VCG is active in many industry organizations including the American Concrete Institution and the International Concrete Repair Institute.  Owning more than half a dozen patents, VCG is expanding into new market areas, with including South America, Europe and Asia. 

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