Developing safety systems for protecting lives and property

November 18, 2010— Toronto, Ontario

Mircom Technologies Ltd.

A world without fire detectors, alarm systems or building access and communication technology would limit the safety of citizens in residential buildings, workplaces and governments.  Safety systems are essential to protect the welfare of individuals, an importance recognized by Mircom Technologies Ltd.

Incorporated in 1991, Mircom has become predominant in the global market-place of safety systems.  The firm’s strengths are in sensor- and electronics-based fire alarms, life-safety and communication and access products, all created to protect lives and property. 

Example of a security system for businesses

Security system for businesses

The barriers to entry in this market are high due to installation costs which continue to escalate as systems become more advanced.  To overcome this barrier, Mircom ensures that their products offer easy installation in two principal markets: fire detection/alarm systems as well as building access/communication systems.

In 1996, Mircom connected with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) who valued Mircom’s new audio-system fire alarm project and contributed funds towards its development. 

Example of a comprehensive security system for businesses

Comprehensive safety and security system for businesses

“Since our first contact with NRC-IRAP, Mircom has received support for 12 projects.  These range from feasibility studies to R&D support for technology development that led to more and more product advances,” explains Laurie Eisner, Vice-President (VP) Product Development at Mircom. “Each project enabled us to progressively move the R&D to the next level in terms of our understanding of the subject and the fit to our company goals.” 

Mircom has received assistance from the Youth Employment Program of NRC-IRAP for novice engineers.  The firm has also established links to its National Fire Laboratory, Industry Canada’s Communications Research Centre, and other industry experts through NRC-IRAP.

Mircom’s robust growth has been fueled by its proactive product 
development and strategic acquisitions.  With 380 employees today, Mircom is recognized as the largest privately held independent designer and manufacturer of fire alarm, life-safety and electronic 
communication and access products in North America.

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