New and innovative system for building materials

November 25, 2010— Mississauga, Ontario

Gemite Products Inc.

Application of Gem-Gard SX waterproofing sealer, bridge, China

Cem-Kote Flex application, Saint John, New Brunswick

Over the years, Gemite Products Inc., a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art composite, fibre-reinforced, micro-silica and polymer-modified construction materials, has developed a wide range of products.  Three principal areas of activity within Gemite include: a mainstay specialty construction chemicals business, proprietary building systems, and currently, a new range of novel inorganic building materials.

Gemite’s Omni-Globe structural building system uses a combination of building materials, resembling giant Lego-like blocks, to assemble low-rise building structures.  The ease and efficiency of this method is a significant advantage in the way buildings are constructed.  Additionally, off-site preparation of the Omni-Globe system is efficient, reducing time and cost for construction companies. 

However, Omni-Globe is not the only successful project that Gemite has undertaken.  Gemite has recently developed new, acid and heat (up to 1400°C) resistant inorganic materials. The materials are cost-effective and safer for the environment than polymer-based materials as they are made from readily available waste.  “These materials provide fundamental new capability for constructing containment areas in the pulp and paper and chemical industries,” remarks Nikolajev.  The company has also identified a number of other applications where life-cycle improvements lead to a disruptive technology advantage.

Gemite has worked with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) many times.  The relationship began in 1992, when NRC-IRAP supported Gemite with patent and database searches of intellectual property.  Robert Bowen, a NRC-IRAP Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA), was confident in the strength of Gemite, introducing them to potential business partners and opportunities.

NRC-IRAP has provided funding for four of Gemite’s projects.  Nikolajev is grateful for the constant support, “NRC-IRAP’s funding has enabled us to keep moving ahead at times when our cash flow would not have allowed it.  So we’ve been able to respond to our customers far more efficiently.”

With success overseas, Gemite now prepares to introduce their Omni-Globe system to market in North America, and eventually globally.  Additionally, Gemite plans to develop a polymer concrete replacement to provide tensile strength with the continued support of NRC-IRAP.

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