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June 18, 2007— Ottawa, Ontario

Hermetically sealed surface mount high-frequency microwave integrated circuit package, measuring 0.15

Hermetically sealed surface mount high-frequency microwave integrated circuit package, measuring 0.15" by 0.15"

Nanowave Technologies designs and builds microwave and millimetrewave equipment for widespread use in avionics- both defence and commercial. It supplies equipment to most of North America's defence industry. And its products are true to its name- nano meaning matter an extremely small scale.

One of Nanowave's well known product lines is solid state high power transmitters. It also supplied all amplifiers and other components on Canadian patrol frigates, which are considered the workhorses of the Canadian Navy. These solid state amplifiers and frequency converters offer an unsurpassed combination of low-noise, high-power efficiency and reliability.

In addition, Nanowave Technologies offers services for fabrication of thin film circuits for microwave and optoelectronics applications. By introducing this new technology at an initial stage of development, customers rest assured their products are designed and built with state of the art technology.   This automated manufacturing also provides Nanowave with the flexibility to both turn around product quicker, as well as to handle unscheduled ramp-ups in production.

While most competitors operate at the macroscopic pre-packaged level, Nanowave Technologies operates at microscopic semi-conductor die (chip) level. It is able to achieve an optimum combination of the following critical parameters for aircraft equipment: small size, low weight, high efficiency, high reliability and low exposure to obsolescence. Microwave chips must be packaged in a hermetic atmosphere. This is to avoid condensation forming on the chips as aircraft climb from ground to 40 thousand feet. Since the company emphasizes on meeting the customer needs of manufacturability, scalability and quality, this hermetic sealing is performed on a substantial number of components found inside the nose of military aircraft. Nanowave's new technology means microwave chips can operate in harsh environments.

And this is where NRC – IRAP comes in. Nanowave Technologies had worked with IRAP some years ago, and believed the partnership succeeded so well the first go around, it was worth going at it again.

  "One advantage to Nanowave as a result of IRAP's assistance is that it's become possible to customize performance to specific applications. Our products are smaller, lighter and more efficient, resulting in increased reliability," said Dr. Justin Miller, President of Nanowave Technologies Inc. "IRAP personnel have been very effective at introduced us to a number of potential collaborators. They are magnificent at giving us connections to institutes and companies with areas of common interest."

Nanowave's extensive experience in microwave, millimeterwave and electro-optic components, system and subsystem design and manufacturing dates back to 1992. Nanowave has assembled a highly specialized team with considerable expertise in design and simulation of high frequency circuits and structures, communication and radar subsystem design, manufacturing engineering and high reliability manufacturing.

Nanowave Technologies is also developing components for VLJs- very light jets. There is a significant emerging market for these types of jets, which are usually owned by wealthy business people and sit three to six passengers. All the standard electronics are needed on the jets, but because of their small size, the electronics have to be ultra light and ultra small.

Over a two year period, IRAP's assistance helped Nanowave triple its orders. All of those orders are to first and second tier suppliers to the aviation and defence industry markets in North America and Europe. In the past year alone, Nanowave Technologies has grown by thirty per cent- a rate it expects to sustain over the next few years.

Nanowave's President Justin Miller is a subtle, if not reluctant, leader. "We seem to have developed a leadership position," explained Miller. "One hundred per cent of our business is exported. We win these contracts because we have managed to develop a unique position in the Canadian market." He pinpoints that posture. "If we are to keep high technology jobs in Canada, we cannot hope to compete on labour cost.. We made a decision to compete with technology, reliability and prudent automation. We always attempt to innovate. That's where IRAP has helped us."

And as the cliché goes, if you can't beat them, join them. Miller says a lot of people are applying to work at Nanowave Technologies. "We develop and rely on our superior personnel and technology. It's not easy to beat us."

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