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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp (ACS)

June 15, 2007— Ottawa, Ontario

ACS Fuel Cell used in alcohol sensing breath testers.

ACS Fuel Cell used in alcohol sensing breath testers.

Alcohol is a drug. Knowing its uses and abuses is just as important as reading directions on a pill bottle. Basic preventative medicine includes knowing how your body handles alcohol and how it gets rid of it.

Handling measurement of blood alcohol levels is the domain of Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp (ACS). ACS is a leading manufacturer of alcohol sensing and breath testing instruments. Originally designed for law enforcement over thirty years ago, ACS has expanded its line to serve the industrial, law enforcement, public and personal safety markets. ACS pioneered the field by producing some of the most accurate and reliable alcohol sensing equipment available, resulting in numerous patents worldwide. Using the same advanced breath analysis technology, ACS also produces ignition interlock systems found in thousands of personal and commercial fleet vehicles around the globe. 

ACS prides itself on always putting a tremendous percentage of its revenue into research and development. When it wanted to pursue an acetone monitoring product in 2003, ACS approached NRC-IRAP for help. NRC-IRAP identified the product as a good candidate to invest in. One thing lacking however, was the product's market plan. 

NRC-IRAP then introduced ACS to a consultant from the Rotman School of Management. He helped update and implement their strategic plan. This was a key factor in doubling sales in three years.

"The Rotman consultant had such strengths in marketing, vision and strategy. He helped us to help ourselves in a reorganization of the company structure," said Alcohol Countermeasure Systems CEO Danielle Wilson. "The consultant ended up being a perfect person to work with me to take our company to the next corporate stage."

NRC-IRAP wound up accepting ACS's proposal at a time when the company's growth was really ramping up. The executive management had to make a choice of what to do with their profits. "We made the difficult decision to put the new product with NRC-IRAP on hold and invest the profits back into product growth of the current line," said Wilson.

ACS continued along its road to success. The product became the gold standard in alcohol sensing breath tests. And the success lies in its fuel cell.

Ms. Wilson thanks ACS Chairman Felix Comeau, too, for ACS's success. He happens to be her father. "My dad has a reputation of really pushing the envelope. His love of R&D runs deep and he constantly wants to make a better breath tester."

But the size of the fuel cell is at issue. With NRC-IRAP's recent help connecting ACS to   contacts in Asia, ACS is now looking at a partner to develop a thinner coat of platinum for the fuel cell, which will in turn enable ACS to produce a smaller and even more accurate fuel cell.

That accuracy is contagious at Alcohol Countermeasure Systems. They are helping different organizations make sure the highest possible standards are being used. And ACS is helping to rewrite government policy and assist legislators so the absolute best technology is being used to get the most accurate results.

"I am thrilled with the contacts and support NRC-IRAP provided," praised Wilson. "Their introduction to the management consultant gave me more than expert knowledge. They gifted me with a mentor, one who assisted with huge amounts of work during our corporate structure."

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