Industrial Research Assistance Program Services

IRAP has a long history of providing excellent technical and business advisory services related to research and development, including strategic intelligence and customized solutions to fit your business needs. We can help fill the gap by providing linkages to other small- and medium-sized enterprise-focused organizations, potential partners and investors.

Through IRAP’s comprehensive services, our clients are better equipped to perform research and development, commercialize new products, processes and services, and access new domestic and international markets. We are committed to improving the long-term competitiveness of firms in Canada and helping to build a competitive advantage for Canada based on excellence in science and technology.

Discover our services designed for your business

Our Program helps firms to develop technologies and successfully commercialize them in a global marketplace. We do this through:

Technical and business advisory services

Industrial technology advisors coach clients’ projects through all stages of the innovation-commercialization process.

Financial Assistance

IRAP provides funding to qualified firms and their innovative research and development related projects.

Networking and Linkage Services

Through extensive networks, industrial technology advisors are able to connect clients with industry experts and potential business partners.

Youth Employment Program

IRAP encourages the hiring of recent graduates through funding opportunities targeted at innovative projects in research, development and the commercialization of technologies.

Our industrial technology advisors can help you and you will experience what our clients have seen first-hand from the value-added benefit of having these services made available to them.

To engage with IRAP, and to reach one of our industrial technology advisors located in your community, please call toll-free at 1-877-994-4727.

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