Logan Duffield

Logan Duffield

Logan Duffield is a graduate of Queens University in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Over the 39 years of his professional engineering and business career he has enjoyed success as a design engineer, entrepreneur, and business development professional working with companies of all sizes in many countries.

Logan started several companies including Iotek Inc., a successful signal processing and surveillance systems firm which he ran for ten years before selling to MacDonald Dettwiller and Associates. He went on to work for 16 years with MacDonald Dettwiler as an in-house entrepreneur creating new business ventures within that organization. Initiatives included development of a robotic neuro-surgical product, a satellite- based digital package delivery service and an on-orbit satellite servicing venture.

Developing these new ventures typically involved leveraging R&D and innovation programs to move through the identification and development of the relevant technologies, development of the business case and securing the necessary financing.

Over the years, Logan has served on the boards of several companies, primarily bringing expertise related to the challenges of moving products and services based on complex technologies through the development process and ultimately into successful commercialization.

Most recently, Logan has been a consultant to a medium sized firm in Atlantic Canada, refining their innovations and developing new products for international markets.

September 2017

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