NRC IRAP International Activities

Global collaboration has become a competitive necessity for small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada. Our international activities play a key role in ensuring that our clients are knowledgeable about and suitably prepared to address global challenges.

NRC IRAP international initiatives are focused on providing support in a number of key areas, including:

  • direct support to small and medium-sized enterprises with international interests,
  • technology partnering, including technology sourcing, transfer, and matching,
  • joint research and development projects, and other technology ventures

NRC IRAP works with Canadian organizations and other government departments such as Global Affairs Canada (GAC) to collaborate on international activities and programs designed to help assist firms in Canada to compete in the global marketplace.

In addition, NRC IRAP has a number of formal and informal relationships in countries including Spain, France, the United States of America, Ireland, India, China, the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and the European Union. NRC IRAP collaborates with these countries on a reciprocal basis to further support small and medium-sized enterprise growth, technology transfer and technology development for the purpose of generating economic benefits for both Canada and the collaborating countries.

Bpifrance – NRC IRAP Agreement

In 2008, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) signed a memorandum of understanding with OSEO, the innovation agency in France, to strengthen cooperation between innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the Canadian and European Union markets. The agreement to support a closer economic partnership between Canada and France in areas related to competitiveness, innovation, and science and technology, and to assist in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in both countries, was renewed in 2014 by Bpifrance, the innovation agency replacing OSEO in France.

Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) – Brazil, China, India, Israel and South Korea

The Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) provides funding to Canadian companies to support bilateral industrial R&D projects with potential for commercialization with organisations in Brazil, China, India, Israel Footnote 1 and soon South Korea. The CIIP is delivered by the Trade Commissioner Service of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in collaboration with NRC IRAP.


Footnote 1

For Israel related inquiries please contact GAC.

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CanExport – Export Opportunities for SMEs

The new CanExport program provides direct financial assistance to Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises that are seeking to develop new export opportunities and markets, especially high-growth emerging markets. Delivered by Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, in partnership with NRC IRAP, CanExport provides support for a wide range of export marketing activities to promote international business development. Detailed information about CanExport and how to apply can be found on Global Affairs Canada’s Website.


NRC houses and manages Canada's EUREKA National Office and provides companies with a first contact point in Canada for EUREKA's global network. NRC and its partners can connect to national programs and can also connect Canadian organizations with potential partners and opportunities. NRC IRAP can provide funding for EUREKA projects to eligible small and medium-sized enterprises.

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