Bpifrance – NRC-IRAP Agreement

Since the 1990s, the National Research Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) has been working with Bpifrance, a French innovation agency, and its predecessors, including OSEO France, to foster opportunities for collaboration between Canadian and French small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In 2008, NRC signed a memorandum of understanding with OSEO. Calls for proposals were launched between 2008 and 2012 to identify and support joint technological innovation projects. IRAP contributed $3.5 M to some twenty Canadian SMEs so they could participate to these projects. An equivalent number of French firms benefited from similar support. Most successful projects, both from a technical and a commercial perspective, will be documented by Success Stories.

Support is offered by Bpifrance to French SMEs for International Innovation Projects by a program called Aide pour le développement de l'innovation en coopération internationale (ADICI). The information is available on the Bpifrance website (available in French only).


Since Canada joined EUREKA network, collaborative International Innovation Projects between Canadian and French firms is now processed through EUREKA procedures. More information on EUREKA in Canada is available on the EUREKA website.

The committee responsible for EUREKA labelling (certification) decisions meets several times a year. Companies interested in submitting an Expression of Interest for such a project should do so at least two months prior to the end of June or December.

For more information or to obtain the Expression of Interest Form, Canadian and French SMEs should get in touch with their respective contacts (see below).



Eric Holdrinet, Industrial Technology Advisor, NRC IRAP
Canadian Contact Point for Agreement with Bpifrance
Telephone: 514-882-9384
Email: eric.holdrinet@cnrc-nrc.gc.ca


Maël M’Baye, Project Manager – International Innovation Programs
Telephone: +33 1
Email: mael.mbaye@bpifrance.fr

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