Alain Coulombe

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Alain Coulombe

With researchers from the School of Advanced Technology, Alain Coulombe founded 3DSemantix. Its mission is to market a search engine based on 3D shapes. 3DPartFinder is a search engine that is as easy to use as any in the public domain, the difference being that it uses only 3D shapes as search keys. This major innovation is now being introduced to 3D designers in the aeronautics, automobile, transportation and equipment manufacturing industries.

Prior to setting up 3DSemantix, Alain Coulombe established SolVision in 1994 to develop and market artificial vision solutions. With his team, in 1998 he laid the foundations of a totally new 3D imaging technology, which performs better than lasers and will control the quality of future generations of semiconductors.

From the outset, his equipment was adopted by leading companies such as IBM, Intel and AMD. From 2002 to 2006, SolVision experienced phenomenal growth and developed export markets in the United States and Europe. However, its main markets were in Asia, in particular, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. In December 2005, SolVision acquired Machine Vision International (MVI), based in Singapore, and then established a subsidiary in Japan. In 2008, SolVision was sold to Zygo, which continues to sell the products and develop the technology co patented by Alain Coulombe. Through all the stages of SolVision’s growth over a period of more than 10 years, Alain Coulombe maintained a partnership with NRCC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program.

An engineering graduate of the Montreal Polytechnic School, Alain Coulombe worked more than 10 years for IBM Canada, where he held a number of management positions in the Bromont semiconductor plant before leaving to take an international MBA at HEC Paris and going on to found SolVision upon his return. Alain Coulombe is a member of the board of directors of the Association de la Recherche et de l’Innovation du Québec (ADRIQ) and has been its chairman for the past five years.

January 2013

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