NRC experts present at Quebec Mines conference 2017

November 21, 2017 — November 23, 2017 — Quebec City

Jean-Yves Huot and Christina Bock present the details of LiBTec, a pre-competitive industrial R&D group on lithium-ion batteries (LIBs).

The 35th edition of this annual conference organized by the Quebec Department of Energy and Natural Resources will bring together personalities from across the mining world. Offering a high-calibre program that includes training, conferences, networking opportunities and much more, the 2017 edition will be held under the topic of Exchange – Innovate – Excel.

On November 21, at 2:00 p.m., Jean-Yves Huot and Christina Bock, respectively an expert in battery materials and new product development, and specialist in formulation and optimization of energy storage materials at NRC, will host the technical session entitled "Relationship between mines and lithium-ion" and will present on LiBTec, NRC's industrial R&D group on lithium-ion batteries.

Consult the Conference Program for complete details.

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