Postdoctoral Fellowships

What is the program?

The National Research Council's (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellowships program will offer promising young scientists access to unique world-class facilities and the opportunity to work alongside multi-disciplinary teams of expert researchers and technicians on projects of critical importance to Canada. Postdoctoral fellows will carry out research and development activities on innovative research projects, with opportunities for career development (publications and/or industry interaction). Fellows will work in a lab under the direct supervision of an NRC researcher.

Postdoctoral fellows will normally be offered a two-year term appointment to the staff of the NRC and will receive a salary and benefits currently available to Research Officers. Salary is commensurate with the selected candidate's experience, is taxable and subject to other deductions. As a guide, the minimum salary for a new PhD graduate is $64,437. In addition postdoctoral fellows will be allocated a travel fund to support their work.

Who is eligible?

  • Candidates should have obtained a PhD (or equivalent) within the past three years (PhD received on or after ) or expect to complete their PhD within 6 months of appointment.
  • Preference will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

To apply

To learn more about the following projects and submit an application, please visit the NRC's careers page:

Requisition Number Position Project Title
2661 Postdoctoral Fellowships, Machine Learning Enabled Advanced Photonic Design Machine learning enabled advanced photonic design
2662 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Planetary Astronomy NASA New Horizons Kuiper extended mission: distant and close and encounter
2663 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Antibodies for Antimicrobial Resistance Antibody-antibiotic conjugates to combat the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis
2664 Postdoctoral Fellowship, 3D Bioprinting of Stem Cells 3D bioprinting of human iPSC-derived blood brain barrier model
2665 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Ionizing Radiation Standards Absolute dosimetry for image guided radiation therapy with electronic portal imaging devices
2666 Postdoctoral Fellowship, 3D cancer spheroid models Development of predictive three-dimensional (3D) tumor spheroid models for the identification and characterization of innovative cancer therapeutics.
2667 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Experimental Quantum Optics and Photonics Wavelength division multiplexing for quantum-enhanced sensing and security
2668 Postdoctoral Fellowship, ultrafast laser microfabrication/micromachining Ultrafast laser machining of nonlinear optical media for light frequency conversion
2669 Postdoctoral Fellowship, quantum technologies using novel 2D materials Fabrication and investigation of novel 2D materials towards quantum technologies
2670 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Applied Deep Learning Accelerated electronic structure with deep learning
2671 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Electric Motor Design & Optimization Innovative design and optimization of electrical motors and magnetic systems using materials fabricated by additive manufacturing
2672 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Integrated Photonics for Astronomical Instrumentation Astrophotonics: Bringing photonics to astronomical instrumentation

Application deadline

Extended to Eastern Time. As such, awards will be announced the end of June/beginning of July 2018. Successful fellows may commence their award at any time from to .

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