Frequently asked questions

Question 1:

What kind of work is done at the NRC?

Answer to question 1:

NRC is a leader in scientific and technical research, the diffusion of technology and the dissemination of scientific and technical information.

Research is conducted on several fronts and in many different disciplines including: biotechnology, manufacturing technologies, information and communications technologies, nanotechnology, national measurement standards, molecular sciences, aerospace, transportation technologies, astronomy, marine dynamics and construction technologies.

Question 2:

What kinds of employment opportunities are typically offered at NRC?

Answer to question 2:

As NRC’s main focus is research, many of our employees are scientists, researchers, engineers, and technicians. We also employ administrative staff, librarians, computer scientists, trades-people, business officers, technology advisors, financial officers, human resources officers, and other professionals. We have a wide-range of opportunities in each area from entry-level to senior management positions, which are classified into job categories.

Question 3:

What type of people does NRC hire?

Answer to question 3:

NRC has an amazingly talented and dedicated workforce. In addition to strong technical skills, we look for individuals who are motivated, flexible, creative, and willing to take calculated risks. Working in a highly collaborative environment, teamwork is essential, as we all play a part in achieving NRC’s business goals. To be successful here, employees need to push themselves towards excellence and look for opportunities to learn and share learning with others.

Question 4:

How can I find out more about employment opportunities at NRC?

Answer to question 4:

The Jobs Available Now section of this website provides a comprehensive listing of all the positions currently available at NRC. Additionally, NRC has created specific recruitment programs and initiatives for students and recent graduates. Visit the Employment Programs section of this website, for program requirements and eligibility information.

Question 5:

Is NRC part of the federal government?

Answer to question 5:

Yes, NRC is a separate agency of the federal government of Canada.

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