EUREKA Canada Smart Cities Partnering Mission

The EUREKA Canada office at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is organizing a mission to EUREKA Innovation Week - Smart Cities, Sustainable & Attractive Communities (website available in English and Swedish only) in Stockholm on April 26-28, 2016. This mission will be preceded by a "Canada-UK Smart Cities Partnering Event" in London on April 25.

The mission's main objectives are to:

  • develop new co-innovation projects with European partners that focus on Smart Cities solutions;
  • showcase Canadian expertise;
  • gain insight in European Smart City projects and opportunities;
  • identify market opportunities.

Over 750 participants from Europe and beyond (largely large and small firms working in the Smart Cities field) are expected to attend EUREKA Innovation Week in Stockholm.

NRC intends to select a small group (approx. 25) of senior-level decision makers (CEOs, CTOs, VP Business Development) from Canadian SMEs, large firms, research institutes and universities, who can provide strategic direction and presentations on potential project partnerships with European firms. The technology focus is on Smart Cities applications (i.e. data-centric products & services) and infrastructure (i.e. data networks, systems).

The deadline to apply to participate in this activity was January 29, 2016. More information on the upcoming mission can be obtained from the contacts listed below:


Mark Burbidge
Phone: 613-990-1846
Email: Mark Burbidge

Mary-Anne Hartlin
Phone: 613-991-5942
Email: Mary-Anne Hartlin