Eureka EUROGIA2020 energy storage technologies - Call for expression of interest


Düsseldorf, Germany

Important dates:

  • EUROGIA2020 Project Outline Day event, 13 March 2017
  • Energy Storage Europe Expo and Conference, 14-16 March 2017

Open to:

Canadian SMEs and researchers from universities, research institutes, Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs), and user organizations with a direct involvement in Energy Storage Technology development and deployment.

Mission objective:

To establish industrial R&D collaboration and co-development opportunities in Energy Storage Technology between Canadian and EUREKA member country companies and commercialization partners leading to future commercial benefits for Canada and participating countries.

International collaborative R&D consortiums:

EUROGIA2020 is a European-based industrial Cluster of the EUREKA network supporting innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Low-Carbon Energy Technologies. EUROGIA2020 stimulates and facilitates R&D projects in an open community of stakeholders. Since 2008, this cluster has enabled the development of 41 projects involving a broad spectrum of technologies from cost-effective energy sources to enabling technologies.

A typical EUROGIA collaborative R&D project would have a budget of 1.5-5M € and may be 3 years in duration, and involve 3-4 partners including large industry; SMEs; universities; research institutes, Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) and user organizations. Past projects have involved partners from 20 countries, had a total value of 200M € and 45% of the project partners have been SMEs. EUROGIA2020’s current Board of Directors is constituted of 8 Large Enterprise and 2 SME representatives. The cluster’s Technical Committee includes companies and organisations such as Air Liquide, Siemens, GE Oil & Gas, Airbus, DCNS, Bureau Veritas, Ifremer, Sintef and others.


EUROGIA2020 Cluster projects typically pass through a two-step process:

  • Project Outline (PO) development, submission and evaluation
  • Full Project Proposal (FPP), submission and evaluation (if successful in PO process)

FPPs that have been successful in evaluation will receive the EUROGIA2020 project quality label and partners will then proceed with their respective national funding applications.

This PO Day event is intended to see the creation of new (or potentially add to existing) Cluster Project consortia leading to new Project Outline submissions. Delegates from all participating countries will present their capabilities, project ideas and partner needs that would enable them to realise an innovation that could not successfully undertake on their own.


EUROGIA2020 brings together an international community of partners acting in low-carbon energy technologies and, through planned brokerage events and processes, facilitates the introduction of project ideas, the formation of project consortia, and project proposal development, leading to the selection of high quality project that receive the official EUROGIA2020 label. Additional information can be found on the Eurogia website. The EUROGIA2020 program already carries an official EUREKA label, which significantly enhances the visibility of the project and signals to private and public investors that the project has successfully passed the stringent assessment process.

EUREKA can help eligible innovative firms:

  • access support and funding to build capacity and develop advanced technology-based offerings
  • access intelligence on technology and markets to refine your strategies
  • identify credible partners via the EUREKA network and EUROGIA2020 process
  • access new markets through technology partnering with mature global actors
  • leverage investment to de-risk R&D projects
  • simplify complexities inherent to multiple international partners, leading to development of insight and practice around open innovation and new business models
  • enhance corporate image as an internationally-active company

Energy Storage Europe 2017:

Energy Storage Europe is an annual expo and conference which takes place in March in Düsseldorf, Germany. Organized by Messe Düsseldorf, the goal of this event is to further develop this emerging area of Energy Storage into a worldwide leading platform for industry. In order to reach this goal, Messe Düsseldorf uses its worldwide distribution network of 134 countries to recruit participation from top decision makers and technology leaders. Last year, Energy Storage Europe saw over 3000 participants and 142 exhibitors.

How to participate:

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has launched an action plan to facilitate Canadian SME participation in EUREKA Cluster Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) projects. Select SMEs and research organizations may be supported to attend the EUROGIA2020 Project Outline (PO) event taking place on March 13, immediately preceding the Energy Storage Europe 2017 Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany.

To ensure a high level of successful outcomes, a selection and due diligence process will be applied and eligible SMEs and researchers will be selected and supported for:

  • attendance at the March 2017 Eurogia2020 PO Day brokerage event in Düsseldorf
  • attendance at the Energy Storage Europe 2017 Conference
  • active collaboration with Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)
  • participation in project development activities related to a Eurogia2020 R&D project
  • other related support typical of what the NRC-IRAP and the GAC TCS provides to SME clients

The PO Day will be followed by a Call for Project Outlines from new Cluster Project consortia (including those led by or with participation from Canadian SMEs, and research organizations) planning to engage in Eurogia2020 collaborative R&D projects.

Is your company or institution a fit?

Involvement in a EUREKA cluster initiative, such as EUROGIA2020, is not suitable everybody. Interested parties will need to assess their readiness and discuss it with their NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program’s Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA). As a guideline, the following factors should be considered:

  • Commitment to aggressive growth and global market expansion
  • Sufficient working capital to undertake a multi-year R&D collaboration and commercialize the results (ex: minimum of $200k-$300k per year)
  • Capable of world-class, differentiated, protectable technology
  • Already commercialized product in domestic or other markets
  • Existing relationship with foreign partner, or capacity to develop and maintain it
  • Company is in a market expansion stage and needs R&D to bring product to next level and new market

Next steps:

If you think your company is a fit or could be with some support, work with your IRAP ITA to complete a EUROGIA2020 Company Profile form. If you do not have an IRAP ITA, contact the NRC-IRAP office in your region (1-877-994-4727) to discuss eligibility. Completed forms will be returned to the appropriate regional IRAP International Networks Team (INT) representative. If you are interested in applying for financial support to travel to the mission, IRAP will assist selected and eligible delegates in applying for Global Affairs Canada’s Going Global Innovation (GGI) program support (airfare, local transportation, accommodation, meals and incidentals, and registration fees to the ESE 2017 Expo & Conference).

The deadline to submit the EUROGIA2020 Company Profile form is January 6th, 2017.

More information:

NRC / Eureka:


Energy Storage Europe 2017 Conference:

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Project Idea template, submission and preview web location

Canadian delegate and PO Day agenda


For additional question re: EUROGIA2020:

For Canadian SMEs
Mr. Tim Jackson
NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program
Tel.: +1-506-636-3728

For Research Organizations
Mr. Randy Zadra
National Project Coordinator, EUREKA Canada
Tel.: +1-613-998-6859

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