Request for renewal of ethics approval form

Find below relevant information to renewal of the REB approval for any project involving human participants. A renewal is usually performed annually.

REB Project Identification Number:

Title of Research Project:

Principal Investigator:

  1. Is the project being carried out as described in the original project? Yes No
  2. If no, please explain the differences.
  3. Have any research subjects suffered any serious or unexpected harms? Yes No
  4. If yes, please describe.
  5. Has there been any significant change in the information on which the REB provided ethics approval, e.g., new knowledge from the literature, from the present project or from other sources? Yes No
  6. If yes, please describe the new information, and indicate how it differs from that in the previous or original ethics approval, and its impact on the ethics of the research underway.
  7. Have there been any internal or external audits of the research, preliminary (stopping rule) analyses, reports of data and safety monitoring boards etc? Yes No
  8. If yes, please describe it.
  9. Have any amendments been made to the application since its original approval? Yes No
  10. If yes, please explain them.
  11. If yes, were these amendments approved by the REB? Yes No
  12. If yes, when? If no, why not?
  13. Are you now requesting any amendment(s) to the application? Yes No
  14. If yes, please describe and justify the proposed amendment(s).
  15. When do you expect the project to be completed?
  16. If the project or consent information have changed since the original application was approved, or are requested at this time, please provide the current or proposed versions and indicate where the changes were made.

Principal Investigator:


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