Project/consent amendments form

Find below relevant information to inform the REB about any project or consent amendment relevant to your research involving human participants.

Project identification number:

Title of research project:

Principal investigator:

  1. Please describe the proposed amendment.
  2. Please describe why this amendment is being proposed.
  3. In your view, does these proposed amendment significantly affect the information on which the O-REB gave ethics approval to the research project?  Yes  No
  4. Please explain the reasons for your reply.
  5. Has the amendment already been implemented?  Yes  No
  6. If yes, what has been the urgency to proceed without REB approval?
  7. Is this research under the surveillance of any other REB or equivalent?  Yes  No
  8. If yes, has this amendment been reported to the other REB(s)?
  9. Please attach any documents that have been amended, indicating the wording that has been changed.

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