Final report form

Find below some information to communicate to the NRC REB that the work on the project has finished.

Project identification number:

Title of research project:

Principal Investigator:

  1. Date of finishing the study.
  2. Was the project completed as in the project approved by the REB? Yes No
  3. If no, please state deviations from the project and reasons for them. Yes No
  4. If yes, when? If no, why not?
  5. Did any research subjects suffer any serious or unexpected harms? Yes No
  6. If yes, please describe them.
  7. During the course of the research, did any significant new information arise from any source that changed the basis on which the REB provided its original ethics approval? Yes No
  8. If yes, was this new information reported to the REB, with appropriate requests for amendments to the project or consent form? Yes No
  9. If yes, when? If no, why not?
  10. Had any amendments been made to the project since its original approval? Yes No
  11. If yes, please explain them.
  12. If yes, were these amendments approved by the REB. Yes No
  13. If yes, when? If No, why not?
  14. If available, please append a summary of the results of the project.

Principal Investigator:


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