Denise LeBlanc

General Manager
Aquatic and crop resource development

Photo of Denise LeBlanc

In March 2012, Denise LeBlanc assumed the role of General Manager for the NRC's Aquatic and Crop Resource Development portfolio. For nine years prior to this assignment, she served as Director of Corporate and Business Relations to help Canadian industry tap the federal research expertise and infrastructure at NRC's facilities in Halifax and Charlottetown.

During that same period, she also held assignments as the Acting Director General of the NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences and as a strategist in Ottawa with the Vice-President of Corporate Services. Earlier in her career at the NRC, she served in a research officer and group leader capacity, and managed the Certified Reference Materials Program based in Nova Scotia. Before joining the NRC, Ms. LeBlanc attained several years’ experience working in private industry. She has also served on boards of various regional and national organizations, including BioNova and the Canadian Association of Laboratory Accreditation.

Ms. LeBlanc earned an MSc from the University of Ottawa and a BSc from Saint Francis Xavier University, specializing in chemistry for both degrees. In 2003, Ms. LeBlanc completed her Executive MBA at St. Mary's University in Halifax.