Isabelle Gingras

Human Resources

Photo of Isabelle Gingras

Isabelle Gingras is NRC's Vice-President, Human Resources. She previously occupied roles at NRC as the Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Director of the Integrated Human Resources Services.

Ms. Gingras has dedicated her career to NRC, first with Communications and then with Human Resources. Most notably, she participated in or led a number of large scale transformational efforts including: the introduction of SAP — the integrated business system; the creation of specialized recruitment programs such as the Women in Science initiative; the decentralization of HR services; the development of behavourial competency profiles; and the horizontal and integrated management of employees impacted by a number of program realignments.

In 2004, Ms. Gingras became a member of NRC's management team and discovered her passion for leading people. Her greatest contributions come through making planned and meaningful interventions at the individual, group and system levels to increase organizational performance.

In an environment of constant change, Ms. Gingras' tacit knowledge and corporate memory has benefited the organization's capacity to learn as well as influence key decision making. She is well-versed in all areas of human resources, and has an extensive understanding of the science and technology landscape in Canada.

Ms. Gingras holds a bachelor's degree with honors in History and French Literature from the University of Ottawa, and a certificate in Journalism from Université Laval.

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