Michel Dumoulin

General Manager
Automotive and surface transportation

Photo of Michel Dumoulin

Dr. Michel Dumoulin is currently General Manager of the Automotive and Surface Transportation Portfolio.

He earned a BSc and MSc in chemistry at Université de Montréal, followed by a PhD in chemical engineering at École Polytechnique in Montreal specializing in polymer rheology and processing.

He has extensive experience in the polymer materials industry, as a research scientist with DuPont Canada Research Centre in Kingston (Ontario, Canada), with Imperial Chemicals Industry in Brussels, Belgium, and finally as R&D Director of ADS Composites in Quebec City.

He has been with NRC's Industrial Materials Institute for over 20 years, as a research scientist, research group leader and finally as Director, Advanced Materials Design, leading R&D activities in advanced polymers, composites, metals and ceramics as well as nanomaterials

He has co-authored over 120 scientific publications and 6 patents. He has played key roles in creating several multi-partner R&D initiatives in polymers, composites and nanotechnology providing NRC's leading edge technology to numerous clients and partners.

Dr. Dumoulin has been involved in numerous professional activities and particularly at the executive level in the Canadian Society of Rheology and Society of Plastics Engineers. He has chaired or played instrumental roles in several leading conferences and symposia such as the 1996 International Congress of Rheology, the 2000 Polymer Processing Society's International Meeting and the series of Nanomaterials Crossroads. He founded and currently leads the Quebec Materials Network.