Upcoming projects and activities

Find below a chronological list of upcoming projects and activities that could have an effect on residents of Rothwell Heights. Rest assured that NRC will work to minimize any disturbances caused by research activities.

This page is updated regularly to reflect the most current information.

Performance testing of wood building assemblies until end of 2017

Description: Six fire tests will be conducted beginning on September 14, 2017 to test the fire resistance performance of wood building assemblies.

Time: The duration of the tests will be 1-4 hours, to take place Monday to Friday from to

Disturbance: No noise; low to no odours; some smoke may be noticeable from chimney during the test period.

Location: South side of Montreal Road campus, building M-59.

Annual pumping of septic tanks until October 2017

Description: Annual pumping of septic tanks for the NRC’s Montreal Road campus

Time: Pumping will be completed on Saturdays, beginning on September 9, 2017 until October 28, 2017. Work will take place from and

Disturbance: The event may cause low odours, and low noise levels from engines of vacuum trucks.

Location: Throughout Montreal Road campus, except for those areas where septic tanks have been removed as part of the sewer system upgrade project.

Ongoing construction work until Fall 2018

Description: Hydro One Networks Inc. and the NRC are currently undertaking a major upgrade of the existing main electrical sub-station serving the Montreal Road campus.

Time: The work is carried out between and Monday to Friday unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. It is expected to be fully completed by September 2018

Disturbance: The work involves a variety of construction activities, including site preparation, the construction of a new building for electrical equipment, installation of outdoor pad-mounted electrical equipment and buried infrastructure including concrete manholes and electrical conduits. Throughout the course of the work, a variety of noise can be expected from various large equipment including excavators, loaders, trucks, cranes and vacuum trucks, depending on the nature of the work being performed.

Location: North side of Montreal Road, west of Blair Road, generally west of Fairview Lane and Davidson Drive.

Ongoing Testing Monday-Friday

Description: Developmental testing of a small gas turbine engine.

Time: We may test between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Disturbance: Low level noise; No to low level of odours.

Location: North of Montreal Road Campus, buildings M-10 and M-11.

Ongoing construction work until Fall 2018

Description: The NRC is currently undertaking a major upgrade of its existing combined sewer system on the North side of Montreal road.

Time: The work is carried out between and Monday to Friday. It is expected to be completed by October 2018

Disturbance: Loud noise can be expected and some vibrations may be experienced from excavating equipment, hoe-ramming of rock, heavy earth moving machinery and increased truck traffic.

Location: North side of Montreal Road, west of Blair Road and north-west of Swans Way. The work is primarily focused along the western property line of the campus (formerly Rockcliffe Base) and will progress towards the center of the campus and the south-east corner towards Montreal Road and Blair.

Update: Ongoing construction work until October 2017

Description: Construction project to add a 5000 square foot (464 square metre) extension to building M-48. The construction work will include the following activities plus all related miscellaneous works:

  • Structural work, steel fabrication, and related works
  • Architectural, roof work, painting, and related works
  • Mechanical exhaust equipment, HVAC equipment, controls, and related works
  • Electrical power distribution for HVAC equipment, and related works

Time: All work will be completed during normal working hours, to , Monday to Friday, unless advised otherwise. Work began in September, 2016 and will be completed on or about October 2017.

Disturbance: The means and methods to accomplish the work will include heavy truck movement, overhead crane operations, power cutting tools, portable power generators, and small hand powered tools. Any expected disturbances will be intermittent during the project, but more concentrated during the first eight weeks, and the last 2 weeks of the project.

Location: North of Montreal Road campus, building M-48, which is located near Blair Rd, north / west of Swans Way N Street.

For comments and questions, please contact us at community@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.

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