Category: Windows

Window Installation Details for Effective Sealing Practice

An effective and durable window installation demands good airtightness and proper water management. This Update explains how the degree of airtightness and the location of the plane of airtightness of the wall-window interface affect water entry. It is the second in a series of Updates presenting results from studies of window installation details.

Performance of Solar Shading Devices

This Update describes results of research on several types of window shading devices and their potential to reduce heating and cooling energy consumption and improve conditions that affect occupant comfort. The information provides guidance in the selection of shading devices for particular housing types and energy cost situations.

Window Sill Details for Effective Drainage of Water

Satisfactory window performance demands a good product and proper installation. This Update presents results from a recent study of sill installation details for the effective drainage of inadvertent water entry at the wall-window interface.

Effects of Improved Spacer Bar Design on Window Performance

Insulating glass units that employ metal spacer bars are more susceptible to heat loss and condensation, both of which are detrimental to window performance. This Update reports results of research conducted on state-of-the-art spacer bars that can help improve performance.

Fire Protection of Windows Using Sprinklers

Building owners and designers have been limited in the extent to which they can use glazing in fire-rated separations. This Update presents the results of IRC research on the use of dedicated sprinkler systems to protect glazing in fires and provides guidelines that will ensure effective protection in different situations.

Window Condensation in Historic Buildings that Have Been Adapted for New Uses

When a heritage building is adapted for a new use, changes to the indoor environment can lead to condensation problems. This Update describes an evaluation of selected windows undertaken by IRC researchers at Ottawa’s Laurier House (now being used as a museum) to determine their effectiveness in controlling condensation.