Category: Lighting

Performance of Tubular Daylighting Devices

Tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) can economically admit natural light into areas of buildings that do not have windows or skylights. This Update outlines the features and characteristics of TDDs and presents research findings that will improve the ability of manufacturers to design and rate their products. It will also help specifiers select best-performing products for particular locations and installation geometries.

Demand-Responsive Commercial Buildings

To reduce the electrical generation required to meet peak demands and maintain grid stability, utilities are implementing policies and mechanisms to lower usage during peak periods. This Update discusses one strategy known as demand response, whereby customers get direct requests from the utility to temporarily lower usage during periods of very high demand.

Lighting Design for Open-Plan Offices

Good office lighting is a key element in assuring worker satisfaction and performance. This Update provides guidance on lighting design for open-plan offices based on current best practice and the results of research conducted by NRC’s Institute for Research in Construction.

Individual Control over Office Lighting: Perceptions, Choices and Energy Savings

Employees say they want more control over their workplace environment, including lighting. What the benefits of greater control are — to workers, employers, and facilities managers — is a question the Lighting Quality research project conducted by NRC’s Institute for Research in Construction tried to answer. This Update reports on an experiment performed as part of this project.