Category: Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort in Open-Plan Offices

Providing good indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort is important for employee satisfaction, well-being and performance. This Update provides guidance on key issues for achieving adequate indoor air quality and thermal comfort in open-plan offices, based on current standards and research conducted by NRC’s Institute for Research in Construction and others.

Current Approaches for Mechanical Ventilation of Houses

This Update, the second of two on mechanical ventilation systems for houses, describes current approaches to design and installation. It also examines the distribution problem and looks at some of the shortcomings of current approaches and how they might be overcome.

Why Houses Need Mechanical Ventilation Systems

This Update is the first of two that discuss mechanical ventilation systems in houses. It explains why houses need to be mechanically ventilated, and examines the main characteristics of an ideal system from the standpoint of design and installation.