Sound Transmission

Airborne Sound Insulation in Multi-Family Buildings

This Update explains how an emphasis on system performance can achieve good sound insulation in multi-family buildings in a cost-effective manner. It reviews the concepts and terminology used to describe sound insulation for the complete building system, and presents research results that illustrate how typical wood-frame construction details can determine the sound insulation actually achieved. Full story

Specifying Acoustical Criteria for Buildings

This Update discusses the quantities that should be specified to ensure successful acoustics for complete rooms in buildings.

Successful building design depends as much on acoustical performance as it does on lighting and ventilation. Rooms where occupants cannot hear conversation because there is too much background noise or too much reverberation are failures. So too are rooms where occupants are distracted by intrusive sound from elsewhere. Full story

Sound Isolation and Fire Resistance of Assemblies with Fire Stops

This Update examines various fire-stopping techniques that meet the intent of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) with respect to fire resistance and that do not adversely affect the sound isolation of the wall assembly. The information is derived from the results of an industry-sponsored consortium project led by the National Research Council’s Institute for Research in Construction (IRC).1 Full story