Construction Innovation

Volume 20, Number 2

Building Regulations for Market Access

First public review of Codes Canada 2015

Running from October 11 to December 9, 2016, the first public review of the 2015 Codes will focus primarily on proposed changes to the 2015 editions of the NECB and the NPC.

Get to know your Quebec Codes

To help Quebec code users understand the code provisions and their impacts, NRC, in collaboration with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, is offering seminars on major technical changes in these documents.

First revisions to Quebec Safety Code, Chapter VIII - Building, and National Fire Code of Canada 2010 (amended)

The revisions package, which includes replacement pages, is available free of charge to clients who have purchased the Quebec Safety Code by contacting Codes Canada Publication Sales.

Alberta Fire Code 2014 Errata

Errata Package #1 can be downloaded free of charge from the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.

Get to know the 2015 editions of Codes Canada publications!

NRC is developing a variety of products to engage and inform stakeholders on the significant technical changes in the 2015 Codes.