Construction Innovation

Volume 18, Number 3

Building Regulations for Market Access

Helping industry with innovation in building products

Embarking on a far-reaching initiative to help manufacturers, builders and regulatory authorities reduce the costs and risks of developing and commercializing innovative products for the building construction market.

Innovative products for energy performance and envelope protection

Developing tools for demonstrating compliance with new energy requirements and approaches to enhance energy efficiency of building envelope systems.

Design and commercialization support for new sound transmission requirements

Working to provide industry with better tools to control sound transmission in multi-family dwellings.

Improved wall systems for fire performance of houses

Researching the fire performance of single-family houses constructed with innovative materials, products and systems to understand how they behave in a fire and affect the safety of occupants.

Validating technologies that provide clean and safe indoor air

Collaborating to develop a technological framework for assessing the effectiveness of building products and systems that aim to improve cleanliness and safety of air in buildings.

CCMC at 25—looking back, moving forward

NRC’s Canadian Construction Materials Centre celebrates providing commercialization and regulatory compliance support to construction sector clients and partners since 1988.

Updating roofing, dampproofing and waterproofing standards in the NBC

Proposal put forward to replace some material standards with ASTM standards that continue to be technically maintained and are considered applicable within the Canadian context.

Latest Construction Technology Update is now available

NRC Construction has just released a new Construction Technology Update (CTU). CTU 81 discusses Demand-Responsive Commercial Buildings.

To reduce the electrical generation required to meet peak demands and maintain grid stability, utilities are implementing policies and mechanisms to lower usage during peak periods. This Update discusses one strategy known as demand response, whereby customers get direct requests from the utility to temporarily lower usage during periods of very high demand.

NEWBuildS, in its fifth and final year of operation, will host NEWBuildS Workshop 2014 on May 7 & 8, 2014 in Vancouver, BC. It will include a special session titled Tall Wood Building Design Workshop in which a 20-storey wood-hybrid building design project will be discussed. There are keynote speakers from Germany and the US. Attendance is complimentary, but registration is required. Click on the workshop link for more information and to register.