Construction Innovation

Volume 18, Number 1

Focus on new research initiatives

NRC initiatives meeting industry needs

To adapt to Canada’s constantly changing construction landscape, industry requires better, safer, energy-efficient and more affordable construction materials and technology.

High Performance Buildings : Energy-saving retrofit technologies for commercial and institutional buildings

NRC has launched new industry-led research that will enable Canadian firms to commercialize and deploy validated energy retrofit products and services.

Building Regulations for Market Access : Enabling construction companies to grow

Builders are turning to manufacturers to provide innovative and cost-effective products, and to government to provide consistent and simple-to-implement regulations.

Mid-Rise Wood Buildings : Improving products for taller wood buildings

With Canada on track to become one of the largest construction markets in the world by 2020, demand for wood buildings between 5 and 12 storeys in height continues to increase.

Critical Concrete Infrastructure : Extending the life of Canada’s bridge network

NRC is working with industry to provide the capability and technologies to extend the service life and reduce the life cycle operation and maintenance costs of existing and new bridges.

Consider building a future with us

NRC is seeking to fill R&D Directors positions in support of research and innovation in construction. Working with clients and partners, NRC Construction provides technical and research-based solutions that improve performance of built assets to meet their clients’ current and future needs.

Guided by our core values we are a dynamic and vibrant organization. With over 90 years of history, we have earned an international reputation for excellence and creativity in leading-edge research and innovation.

Building Regulations for Market Access

Quebec Safety Code

The amended Code includes design requirements that vary according to the year of construction as well as more stringent provisions for sleeping rooms and care occupancies.

NBC-Part 9 presentations now online

Free online presentations on the new energy efficiency requirements for housing and small buildings were recently added to Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) 2010.

Latest Construction Technology Update is now available

NRC Construction has just released a new Construction Technology Update (CTU). CTU 80 discusses Window Installation Details for Effective Sealing Practice.

An effective and durable window installation demands good airtightness and proper water management. This Update explains how the degree of airtightness and the location of the plane of airtightness of the wall-window interface affect water entry. It is the second in a series of Updates presenting results from studies of window installation details.