Construction Innovation

Volume 16, Number 1, March 2011

Civil Engineering and Urban Applications

NRC's self-curing concrete to be used on the new North Channel Bridge in Cornwall

NRC has developed a new, more durable concrete that resists cracking — dramatically increasing the lifespan of structures like bridges and parking garages in Canada. The new technology is slated to be used on the Canal Bridge section of the Seaway International Bridge near Cornwall.

Building Regulations

Now available: 2010 Codes online presentations

Free online presentations providing detailed overviews of major technical changes in the 2010 National Model Construction Codes are now available.

Building Services and Indoor Environment

Quality lighting contributes to organizational effectiveness

Research shows that quality lighting is indirectly related to fewer health problems, higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment as well as lower staff turnover.

Building Services and Indoor Environment

Reducing greenhouse gases in concrete production

Researchers are investigating new ways to include recycled waste products in concrete to reduce the environmental impact of concrete production.

Civil Engineering and Urban Applications

New stainless steel reinforcement in concrete structures

Slowing the deterioration while increasing the durability and life span of concrete structures presents a constant challenge.

Building Services and Indoor Environment

Developing technologies for aircraft cabin environments

Innovations are needed to develop more comfortable and safe aircrafts. These include a clean water supply, novel lighting concepts, improved acoustics and enhanced air quality.


NRC Dimensions

Dimensions explores how various experts are helping the construction industry improve the safety, energy efficiency and sustainability of our homes and buildings.