The electronic formats of the National Building, Fire and Plumbing Codes and Energy Code for Buildings, along with the provincial codes published by the NRC, are now available free of charge.

The typical single-storey, small area, timber-post- and beam-framed farm buildings
from a quarter century ago no longer represent the multi-storeys, large building area, modern structures designed and built today to meet the farming industry’s demands.

In a partnership with Health Canada, the National Research Council tested chemical emissions of air fresheners, scented wax products (candles, wax melt), personal care products (nail polish, sunscreen spray, body lotion), and household products (cleaning spray, spray paint, paint thinner, and varnish).

To achieve resilient building structures there is a need to provide information for the design of new and existing structures to mitigate the anticipated effects of changing climate loads in the future.