Category: International Collaboration

NRC-IRC research on Canadian wood-frame construction in China

Researchers at the NRC Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC) recently completed a five-year project investigating the moisture management performance and durability of Canadian wood-frame exterior building envelope construction practices in China. The broad objectives of this initiative, conducted in[…..]

Exporting wood-frame housing technology to Japan

Standardized sources for assessing impact sound insulation. From left to right – Bang Machine heavy impact source used in Japan and Korea, Rubber Impact Ball used in Japan, and ISO tapping machine used throughout the world. Each involves a falling[…..]

Cracking the Korean market

The Korean Building Code requirements for sound insulation are extremely stringent, and there are virtually no wood-frame design details that have been shown to achieve the Code minimum. Currently, there is no Code requirement for sound insulation when there are[…..]