Category: Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Chemical emissions from personal care and household products

In a partnership with Health Canada, the National Research Council tested chemical emissions of air fresheners, scented wax products (candles, wax melt), personal care products (nail polish, sunscreen spray, body lotion), and household products (cleaning spray, spray paint, paint thinner, and varnish).

Radon control in Canadian homes

The NRC has been working on a multi-year study to develop safe and cost-effective solutions to minimize the health risks from radon gas exposure in Canadian homes.

Air ventilation systems for Arctic housing

The NRC studied technology innovations that can overcome problems faced by conventional single core HRVs/ERVs due to the frost formation in the heat/energy exchangers.

New name, new look for 2015 Construction Codes

The national model codes governing construction in Canada—the National Building Code, National Fire Code, National Plumbing Code and National Energy Code for Buildings—are now collectively called Codes Canada.

CCBFC and Codes Canada 2015

For over 75 years, the provinces, territories and the federal government have worked together in supporting an open collaborative process for developing model building, fire, plumbing and energy codes with the aim of harmonizing building and safety regulations across Canada.