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NRC initiatives meeting industry needs

To adapt to Canada’s constantly changing construction landscape, the industry—from manufacturers to builders to building owners—requires better, safer, energy-efficient and more affordable construction materials and technology.

Mid-Rise Wood Buildings: Improving products for taller wood buildings

With Canada on track to become one of the largest construction markets in the world by 2020, demand for wood buildings between 5 and 12 storeys in height continues to increase. Pilot projects have demonstrated that significant economic benefits can be realized from using wood in mid-rise buildings, including lower construction costs and less construction time.

NRC Fire Research Facilities

This is a special issue of Construction Innovation, highlighting the fire research facilities and projects of NRC Construction. The research projects are reported in a series of articles in this issue. An outline of the Fire Research facilities is included[…..]

NRC fire researchers making strides in mid-rise wood research project

Fire testing for the mid-rise wood building project Fire researchers at NRC Construction are progressing on a comprehensive project designed to develop fire-safety performance data to facilitate the use of wood-based structural products in mid-rise buildings (see Construction Innovation, March[…..]

Protecting Canada’s transportation infrastructure from fire

Fire testing in Montreal’s Carré Viger Tunnel Fire researchers at NRC Construction are helping owners and managers of Canada’s infrastructure systems to provide safe and secure transportation networks that contribute to economic growth and societal development, while protecting the public[…..]

NRC’s upgraded column furnace a unique research facility

Designers and manufacturers of columns and protection systems are benefitting from recent upgrades to NRC’s column furnace. Researchers can now employ the unique research facility to test and advance cost-effective technologies for enhancing the safety of buildings and infrastructure. The[…..]