Category: Climate Resilience and Sustainability

Buoyant foundations to improve flood resilience

The NRC is working with the University of Waterloo’s Buoyant Foundation Project to develop two buoyant foundation prototypes for retrofitting and new construction applications.

Achieving resilient building structures

To achieve resilient building structures there is a need to provide information for the design of new and existing structures to mitigate the anticipated effects of changing climate loads in the future.

Preventing Overheating

The NRC is currently conducting research to generate information for the development of guidelines to address overheating in buildings arising from extreme heat events as may occur from a changing climate.

Sustainable and resilient infrastructure in Canada

The Construction Research Centre’s Dr. Zoubir Lounis lead the development of an innovative risk-based methodology for the design and rehabilitation of infrastructure systems that ensure their resilience against multiple hazards, including extreme weather events and cumulative damage effects.

Wind performance of in-service roofs

A flexible membrane covers a large commercial roof For the past 16 years, SIGDERS (Special Interest Group for Dynamic Evaluation of Roofing Systems), an industry/NRC partnership, has developed test standards and guidelines to improve the wind performance of mechanically attached[…..]