Seminar on the 2017 National Energy Code for Buildings in Saskatoon

NRC staff at the seminar.

NRC staff Rizwan Ullah, Sarah Gibb and Mihailo Mihailovic at the seminar.

In mid-November 2018, Codes Canada staff, Mihailo Mihailovic, Rizwan Ullah and Sarah Gibb, travelled to Saskatoon to present on the 2017 National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB). The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Saskatchewan hosted the event to help the construction community, including designers, engineers, architects, building officials, prepare for the adoption of the 2017 NECB in January of 2019.

The presentations covered a range of topics including the code development system, building envelope, lighting, heating ventilation and air conditioning, service water heating, electrical, performance compliance and the long-term energy strategy.

The NECB seminar is a part of series of products to engage and inform stakeholders on code fundamentals as well as the latest code developments and technical changes. These products include workshops, on-site seminars, online video presentations and a handbook on the significant technical changes to the 2015 Codes.

This particular event also included a presentation from industry on implementation and lessons learned from NECB adoption in Alberta, as well as a presentation on code compliance from the City of Saskatoon. This provided a well-rounded picture of the various stages of building code regulation – from design to implementation to compliance.

These presentations, along with free online access to the NECB 2017, will help to improve knowledge and capacity amongst the construction community. These types of events provide unique opportunities to connect with a diverse and engaged set of stakeholders. Codes Canada looks forward to more opportunities to partner with industry, provincial/territorial authorities and other government departments.


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