New Illustrated User’s Guide – NBC 2015: Part 9 of Division B, Housing and Small Buildings, now available!

The Illustrated User’s Guide – NBC 2015: Part 9 of Division B, Housing and Small Buildings focuses on housing and small buildings. It is intended to make it easier for builders and designers to understand the building code as it applies to them specifically and explains the reasons and scientific background in the Part 9 requirements.

The new guide features hundreds of graphics, examples and formulas. This latest edition includes updated illustrations that are more consistent with common architectural rendering and more easily understood.

Builders will find this guide helpful in their practice because it provides guidance for each NBC Part 9 article and describes various compliance approaches, including examples and supporting formulas. Although this is not a how-to guide on home construction, relevant code information is cross-referenced and statistical sources are provided.

Access to the scientific background behind the Part 9 requirements will benefit building and fire officials who are often called on to explain or interpret the Code’s minimum requirements or determine their application to specific project conditions.

For their part, trainers and educators will find this guide, which illustrates important principles of minimum accepted practice, an essential reference tool for students who wish to learn what the code requires for the design and construction of housing and small buildings.
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