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ARCHIVED – Urban Infrastructure v2n1-27

There is very little dedicated road research in Canada relative to the multi-billion dollar annual expenditure that roadways require. To help address this issue, and to help create longer lasting, better quality asphalt, the University of Calgary has just created a chair in bituminous materials. The first Chair named is Dr. Ludo Zanzotto, a frequent partner and collaborator with IRC. The $5-million, five-year R&D effort is being funded jointly by Husky Oil Ltd., Novacor Chemicals Ltd., and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada with operational support from the university.

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At its last meeting, the Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation (CCCME) endorsed the Canadian Infrastructure Technology Assessment Centre (CITAC), and agreed to include representatives from the following groups in its membership matrix: provincial ministries of transportation, municipal infrastructure administrations and manufacturers/suppliers.

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ARCHIVED – What’s new on the NRC-IRC Web site v11n3-12

  • Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) initiative: NRC-IRC’s strategic plan for 2004-2009 introduced new initiatives that involve reorganizing and expanding activities to address sustainability and climate change, and to align more clearly with current industry and government priorities. SBE research and technology transfer activities are focused on three overlapping themes:
    - Climate change
    - “Green” buildings
    - Life-cycle performance
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    ARCHIVED – CCMC v5n1-5

    The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) has created a mechanism whereby it will become easier for builders to construct homes and small buildings using steel framing, thus providing greater choice for both builders and homebuyers.

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