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Volume 7, Number 4, December 2002

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Construction Technology Update (CTUs) - $10 each



CTU 49. Sealing Cracks in Asphalt Concrete Pavements

CTU 50. Specifying Acoustical Criteria for Buildings

CTU 51. Acoustical Design of Rooms for Speech

CTU 52. Preventing Concrete Deterioration Due to Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

CTU 53. Behaviour and Performance of Concrete Sidewalks

CTU 54. Best Practices for Concrete Sidewalk Construction

CTU 55. Dynamic Wind Testing of Commercial Roofing Systems

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Comprehensive Publications

Guidelines for the Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of Large Sewers

78 p. 2001 - $25. Order NRCC 45130

This new publication, developed with municipal engineers from across Canada, is an excellent resource for practitioners, and sewer system managers and personnel in the municipal infrastructure field. The user-friendly guidelines will help you: manage sewer inspection and rehabilitation based on rational, credible information; identify problem areas for large (person-entry) sewer systems; set priorities for corrective action and for future inspection; select appropriate inspection, repair, and rehabilitation methods; compare sewer costs and performance with those of other municipalities in Canada.

Deterioration of Concrete: Symptoms, Causes, and Investigation

90 p., 2000 - $40. Order NRCC 44494.

This comprehensive publication, intended for the engineer, specifier, chemist, materials scientist, and architect, describes the causes and nature of the most common durability problems in concrete. It explains the types of structures affected and the mechanisms of deterioration; presents the methods of investigating defects in materials and construction; and describes methods of evaluating structures using destructive and non-destructive testing and microscopic and instrumental analysis.

Durability and Performance of Gravity Pipes: State of Current Practice

48 p., 1998 - $20. Order NRCC 42559.

This publication summarizes the results of returns from questionnaires sent out to 80 municipalities across Canada and to all provincial departments of transportation about the inventory and condition of sewer pipes and storm drains and culverts. The information gathered ranges from the type and size of new culverts installed across Canada, to the rehabilitation techniques that cities used to correct problems with existing pipes.

Durability and Performance of Gravity Pipes: A State-of-the-Art Literature Review

60 p., 1998 - $30. Order NRCC 42868.

Currently, municipal engineers often choose the type of sewer pipe based on ititial cost alone, but this publication can help you consider the life-cycle cost, by giving you valuable information on the performance and durability of four types of gravity sewer pipes. Pipe products and their materials and design are reviewed, and bedding and backfill types and installation procedures are examined. Resistance of the various pipes to fire, abrasion, and chemical and biological attack are discussed. A summary shows the best type of pipe to use for each situation.