What’s new in the National Plumbing Code

Volume 20, Number 1

Twenty-eight technical changes are incorporated in the National Plumbing Code 2015 (NPC).

Changes to NPC 2015

A number of changes align the requirements in NPC 2015 with advancements in technologies and materials in order to increase design and material choices. More and more plumbing systems are using stainless steel. In order to better reflect this current practice, stainless steel is added to the list of acceptable materials for plumbing components. The change addresses the performance of stainless steel plumbing components and lists specific locations where stainless steel pipes and tubes may be installed.

The most significant change is the introduction of water-use efficiency requirements for plumbing fixtures, supply fittings and shower heads. The new requirements aim to reduce water usage in all buildings, regardless of water source. Maximum water usage per flush cycle is specified for water closets and for urinals, while maximum flow rates are specified for lavatory and kitchen supply fittings and shower heads. These performance levels reflect current market availability and ensure that compliance is cost effective. The Environment objective, already in the National Energy Code for Buildings 2011 and National Building Code 2010, was also introduced into NPC 2015 to address “excessive use of water”.


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