NRC initiatives meeting industry needs

Volume 18, Number 1, Summer 2013

To adapt to Canada’s constantly changing construction landscape, the industry—from manufacturers to builders to building owners—requires better, safer, energy-efficient and more affordable construction materials and technology.

NRC is responding to these industry needs by launching four research initiatives focused on the development and deployment of new technologies to ensure benefit to Canadians and Canadian business. The new focus will support the commercialization of innovative, validated and cost-effective products and systems.

“We have technical expertise that spans many industry needs related to buildings and civil infrastructure,” explains Dr. Morad Atif, General Manager of NRC Construction. “Our innovation business environment includes technology development, technical services, evaluation for market access of construction products, and leadership in development and deployment of building regulations. With this breadth of knowledge and expertise, we provide solutions for Canadian companies and clients at large to help them grow their business in the expanding marketplace.”

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We are interested in partnering with industry leaders to advance these initiatives and to bridge the gap between research and industrial commercialization. To learn more on how you can partner with us, contact Dino Zuppa at or 613-949-0073.