Call for candidates to serve on technical evaluation standing committee

Volume 16, Number 4, December 2011

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is seeking candidates to serve on the Standing Committee on Technical Evaluations (SCTE) of the Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation (CCCME).

The SCTE assists the CCCME in its broad responsibility for the quality and reliability of technical evaluation methods at the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC). The members review and comment on Technical Guides and other documents containing requirements developed by the CCMC for the evaluation of innovative products. The SCTE review process is conducted on an ongoing basis through a secure internet website.

In terms of their review, members are expected, within the limits of their experience/knowledge, to comment on Technical Guides as they are produced. This includes questions on whether or not the technical requirements set in the Guides will adequately demonstrate compliance with the National Building Code of Canada. For example, comments could be made on technical omissions, the selection of better test methodologies to be used, and whether a proposed criterion is too high/low in relation to the code or accepted industry practice. The final approval and ultimate responsibility for the document rests with CCMC.

Members are expected to exercise broad objective judgment and are chosen for their individual experience and abilities rather than as delegates or representatives of any particular association or group.

SCTE members are appointed by the NRC. Such appointments do not carry remuneration, but travel and accommodation expenses incurred to assist in Committee meetings, typically held once every three years, are reimbursed by the NRC. The term of appointment is normally three years. New appointments and re-appointments will be effective November 1, 2012.

Individuals interested in serving on the SCTE are asked to submit a brief resume with details of their personal technical experience by March 2, 2012 to:

Caroline St-Onge
Secretary, SCTE
NRC Institute for Research in Construction,
Building M-24, 1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Fax: 613-952-0268

For more information

For more information on the CCMC and the CCCME, visit the website.