Two new Construction Technology Updates now available

Volume 16, Number 3, September 2011

NRC-IRC has just released two new Construction Technology Updates (CTUs).

CTU 77 – Performance of Solar Shading Devices

This Update reports the results of a study that compared the performance of houses equipped with typical interior blinds (base case), with houses employing other shading devices. The other shading devices investigated were: interior, reflective blinds (with a surface that reflects sunlight); interior, reflective roller screens; between-pane, metallic reflective blinds; exterior insulating rollshutters; and exterior screens. The performance of houses without shading devices was also included in the comparison.

CTU 78 – Building Egress Using Photoluminescent Markings

The use of photoluminescent material systems in buildings is gaining acceptance in North America as a valuable safety feature for users of exits and stairwells in the event of power failure and the loss of emergency lighting. This Update describes the characteristics and installation of photoluminescent markings.

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The complete list of CTUs can be found on the NRC website.